Conveyor Belts

C&T Chemical offers its clients a great choice of conveyor belts. Being thoroughly controlled by our experts, the continuous belts are being manufactured of really high quality. The company produces rubber-fabric, PVC and PVG conveyor belts, any type and form of which can be adapted as appropriate one to the specific service conditions and tasks, as well as can be prepared for transportation of various cargoes. The very important issue is that the conveyor belts are applicable for all sectors: metal industry, food industry, building materials manufacturing, as well as chemical production and mining industry.

The conveyor belts meet all quality standards, as well as necessary requirements of reliability and safety. Our products are completely environmentally friendly and easy to handle. Besides, our company supports the policy of the individual approach to each client. Thus, we offer not only flexible prices, delivery and installation of our goods, but also focus on specific needs of our customers: when necessary, our specialists will help you to properly choose the desired option and design the necessary type of the conveyor belt. We would like to emphasize our intention in mutually beneficial cooperation, because the client’s needs are always the key points in our work.