Collapsible Tanks

Our company is pleased to offer to its customers a wide range of collapsible tanks for liquid and gas storage. The vessels are made of fibers coated with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) using thermal bonding. Being widely applied in various sectors like oil production, chemical engineering, industrial production, fire extinguishing, building, agricultural and forest irrigation, as well as water recycling, etc., the collapsible tanks can be offered of different shapes and specifications. The containers can be used for transportation of liquid, dry and gas substances, cargo shipment by air and waterage, etc. At the customer’s request, the vessels are manufactured with different specifications and have different geometric shapes and colors.

It should be noted that the collapsible tanks are applicable for temporary or long-term storage of the following liquids and gases:

  • Edible liquids (potable water, juices and dairy products);
  • Industrial fluids (oils and lubricants, chemicals of weak acidity and alkalinity, organic solvents);
  • Gases (nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, natural gas, ethylene, detonating gas, fuel gas).

 Being fully eco-friendly and safe, the collapsible tanks will surely meet your requirements.