About C&T Chemical

C&T Chemical Company  is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of polymer and rubber products at the market. It is a team of high-quality professionals working in the field of production and sales. C&T Chemical Company is a client-oriented company with experienced and well-qualified personnel.

Meeting market needs, our company offers based on the up-to-date technologies products for municipal, forestry, and industrial firefighting professionals. We also manufacture a complete line of industrial hose products for agriculture, irrigation, construction, military, mining, and petrochemical applications. Our high quality layflat hoses and rubber products are considered to be very effective, environmentally friendly and safe.

We also provide pipe fittings (ring joints, flanges and end fittings) especially needed for assembling your newly-purchased layflat hoses. We highly value our customers' time and provide quality products, easy to install and use. We truly believe that our company’s products will allow you to optimize the costs, improve conditions and work efficiency.

Our products (layflat hoses, pipe fittings, conveyor belts, collapsible tanks) meet all certification requirements. That's why C&T Chemical is one of the most reliable partners on selling polyurethane layflat hoses.

Our company is always ready for cooperation. We are gladly looking forward to hearing from you!